How Do I Plan My Future

A signature educational initiative developed and exhibited every year by Creative Vision which is being held under the umbrella of Ministry of Education and Ministry of Higher Education, Kuwait since 2010 to help senior school students to prepare themselves for university step. How Do I Plan My Future gives a great insight to our Kuwaiti youth to better understand the critical aspects in education which will help them to succeed in their future life. "How do I plan my Future" is being held annually since 2011, which has a remarkable record of success and extremely benefitting the young generation of Kuwait. This event mainly focuses on academics and on how the youth of Kuwait can benefit from the different institutions along with the different partners since they are available for all questions relevant to the student’s future.

Goal of how do I plan my future

In order for Kuwait to take the next step, which will lead the country to a greater movement in the field of education is aiming for a goal. The goal for this project is to empower our Youth with the knowledge, skills and planning strategies in order to make them succeed in their High School, University and their Career. Our goal is to guide our youth and train them on the skills that are needed to succeed in our world today. We will also be able to teach, train and allow our students to be: problem solvers, strong communicators, and excellent collaborators. All of these skills and much more are needed for our leaders of tomorrow and we are striving to educate them with important practical skills such as gaining the proper:

  • Social Skills.
  • Teamwork Skills.
  • Communication Skills.
  • Leadership Skills.
  • Planning Skills with using time management Skills.
  • Employability Skills with 21st Century Workforce Proficiencies.

By aiming for our goal, we believe that our future leaders will be well prepared for the expectations of the world competition, professionalism, and communication in various ways. Our partners and sponsors that also attend these events have an excellent reputation which will also allow us to continue a great path and also continue with our growth.

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