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We manage your event starting from creating the event theme, venue booking and setup, including decoration and lighting system, suggest invitees, photography, distribute invitations, PR and marketing pre to postng the event.
Kind of events we are expert in:

  • School and college graduation parties
  • Commercial events
  • Social events
  • Corporate events

Career Guidance

Creative Vision is your one-stop spot to explore and discover most popular and unique careers in the World. Find everything you need to boost your career. From expert advice to one-on-one career counseling, we’ve got you covered. 

CHOOSE YOUR INDUSTRY-Start by choosing the area of study that you want to explore. Does Business interest you? Or are you more of a Mathematician? Choose your Industry and go from there!
SELECT YOUR CAREER PATH - make your options simpler by selecting a Career Path. For example, Pharmacy and Nursing are two Career Paths in the Health Industry. EXPLORE PROFESSIONS - explore the different Occupations in your Career Path and see a list of the best training courses for the job that interests you, at top universities world-wide. 

Admission Counselling

Admission counseling is the first and most important step leading to a proper gateway to entering the University of your Choice!

Our counselors have the latest information about the admission criteria, admission acceptance rates, admission committee expectations and merit scale of prominent universities world-wide.

Our experts can easily recognize, define and quantify individual student strengths, needs, chances and interests and match it to the requirements of top universities, where he/she has the maximum chances of admission.

The final preparation of student admission essays, CVs, scholarship and fee waiver requests, etc. require expert advice and guidance. Students are enlightened on the importance of:  

  • Tests such as GMAT, SAT, IELTS, TOEFL , etc. 
  • Personal essays and recommendations
  • Crisp CVs
  • Extra curricular activities
  • High School transcripts & other documents
  • Visa counseling

Application Support

University Application procedures vary from country to country and the process can get notoriously competitive and complex for students. Make the journey a little smoother with guidance from our experts.

The key to a successful application is developing an effective strategy, which highlights a student’s academic, professional and extracurricular abilities so that they stand out from the crowd.

Expert advice on filling out the applications can improve your chances to make an impact on the University Admission Panelists. With the rapid changes taking over the world, it has become even more important for a student applying to international universities, to stand out.

The way we approach applications comes from years of collective experience getting students into universities. Moreover, we refine our strategy every year based on how admissions is changing.


With millions of data points from real students and admissions results, we study what works and doesn't, then apply it to your application to make it unique. You benefit from the experience of tons of students before you.

University Selection

The first challenge of the university application process is deciding which universities to apply to. At Creative Vision we completely assist students in selecting the right university with respect to location, ranking, and courses offered. We provide with all the information students would need to enable them to choose the best university considering their interest, ability and available funds. We assist the students in finding out more about:

  • University Rankings
  • Fees & Scholarship 
  • Internships Offered and Employment Opportunities
  • Region: Climate, Environment and Locality
  • Accommodation and Transportation
  • International Student Support

    Check out the list of our partnered universities from all around the World


  • Planning for the future.
  • Academic and Career Advice.
  • Student Success.
  • University Preparation.
  • Writing a University Test/Applying to University.
  • Enhancing your communication skills.
  • Enhancing your writing skills.
  • Interviewing skills.
  • Building and constructing a C.V. with professional advice.
  • Offering Community Service opportunities or Volunteering Opportunities.
  • Internship Opportunities.
  • Consultation Services on Studying in Kuwait or Abroad.


Our experienced team knows exactly your business needs; thus, they can customize a business plan for you, we also provide tailored services:

  • Ready plan review
  • Ready plan executive summary
  • Business presentation (design and content)
  • Business plan coaching and seminars for in-house team.

We have solutions and ideas no matter what your need is. Our talented team is ready to help you implement your business plan. 


We deliver a workshop or seminar on the business topic of your choice, tailored to your inquires even if you are individual or corporate, at your premises or at a convenient off-site location. Our long experience consultants can run workshops and seminars on all aspects of business planning and management.

Call us at + 965 98812244 or send us an email for more inquiries at:


Led by experienced and professional instructors who have tailored and designed it to be highly interactive, timely and informative to provide participants with current best practices in the area of their interest and guide them to implement these practices to meet the standards of good practice. We offer training in the following area:

  • Education
  • Smart learning
  • Social events
  • Skills development


We believe that in this busy world, our children need to be more resilient to life stress and booster their capabilities of coping strategies. Summer camps help children optimize their psychosocial development. We offer an enjoyable, interactive atmosphere where children can improve their knowledge, gain life experiences and make new friends in a fun, relaxed summer camp environment. We have abroad summer camps to UK and USA, and are planning to have our own camps in Kuwait as well. We offer:

  • Educational programs
  • Adventure trips
  • Medical insurance
  • Accommodation, air ticket and visa

For early birds and summer camp schedules, Call us at +96598812244 or send us on:


We are  a full-service conference and exhibition management and planning company. We have a long experience in working with associations, government organizations and corporate clients. We manage conferences and organize exhibitions no matter how big the project is. Our highly experienced team will support and assist  you to ensure theat execution of your function is exceeding your expectation.


We have all the facilities to cater your training and educational forums. We also manage arrangings with instructors and coaches for you, develop all the required materials as per your request and provide you with all the  needful marketing campaigns for your best interest.


If you have a business idea and you want to know if it is feasible or not,or if you are starting-up your business, or seeking to introduce a new product or service within your established company, our team in Creative Vision Company is ready to help and to evaluate the initiative's /project’s potential for success. Based on the industry you wish to enter. the critical factors for your project are the methods chosen to conduct the study and with your budget we can conduct a feasibility study that best suits your requirements and answer your questions. Depending on your business, Our feasibility study will analyze the operation market, technical aspects and financial projections.


Our marketing study and analysis business may come as a part of our feasibility studies services, but our services are not limited to this, as we go the extra mile and offer brand development, solutions and strategies, communication and PR plans that saturate your passion and respond exactly to your business needs.

Student Recruitment