The biggest higgher education fair in Kuwait



Fostering creative ideas, discovering new knowledge and sharing our resources with like-minded societies.


To be the best in the region at organizing educational exhibitions, conferences and events while creating winning partnerships that last.


“If we want our children to value education, then we must show our appreciation for knowledge.”


Choosing a higher educational journey is one of the most momentous decisions of students’ lives. More often than not, their decisions are influenced by their families, societies and culture that they live in. The social norms pressurize the students to choose such a field of study that may not bring contentment to their own hearts. Such students often find themselves lacking interest and direction in their education. When these individuals step into their practical lives they work without passion and purpose. Their careers become a monotonous routine of similar day-to-day tasks and they bring about no distinguishable change in the society or industry in which they operate in.


This is why the idea of Creative Vision was shaped. To provide the students with an opportunity to think out of the box and explore those aspects of their personalities that they are passionate about. We at Creative Vision help students to identify and rediscover their own goals, dreams and interests; so that they can choose to peruse that field of study which ignites a sense of excitement in their educational journey.


Creative Vision is a name and a vision of an organization working towards upgrading and innovating services provided to our students, as well as the segments of connected industries. Our company relies on the organization and management of educational events, workshops, orientations, counseling and consultation with the help of qualified team that has adequate experience in these areas, as well as the Kuwaiti youth volunteers who are ambitious towards improving their industry.


We focus on educational development through innovation and creating new ideas as well as finding a mechanism of co-operation between the public sector, private sector and experts. While we have faith in our own abilities, we understand that our goals will be achieved only through establishment of long lasting local and global partnerships.


Throughout our history, we have been a wellspring of innovation, creativity and educational advances. And I am proud to say, Creative Vision plans to continue its heritage of leadership in the markets we serve and, in the communities, where we live and work. While our constant desire to improve will change some of the things we do, we will always continue to exercise ethical business practices, maintain a respect for the individuals and run our business in ways that earn us the trust of those whom we encounter.


We continue to believe that our services and the value they add to our students’ lives and partners' businesses, remain the fundamental elements of our continued success.


Samah Al Farhan

Chief Executive Officer